Best CBD Gummies

This list includes some of the bestselling CBD gummies on the market. It should make your next purchase just a little bit easier. So let’s get into it.

Hemp Bombs

  • First up we have Hemp Bombs, these have been doing very well in the market, and one of the reasons for this is the quality. They use high grade European hemp as the source of CBD, it’s lab tested and you can see the results on their website.
  • Hemp Bombs offers three formats of gummy, these come in:
    • Original which is targeted to general pain, inflammation, and mood
    • High Potency which are super concentrated to contain more CBD than the original for those of you who need a stronger dose, better value here as well per active millilitre
    •  And finally they have sleep which takes your original gummy combined with melatonin to promote restful sleep and an easy morning wakeup
    • So picking the right one will be up to you
  • If you don’t want to make that decision, they have a mix pack on offer that will get you a sample bag of all three types which is 5 gummies of each if you don’t know which one you want, that will run your $40 dollars
  • Hemp Bombs prices are decent and the quality is high, so we’ll put these in the mid-bucket
  • The fine print is on the screen, but let’s move on

Diamond CBD

  • Up next is Diamond CBD, these guys offer some of the best value in the market; you can get CBD at sub-$0.12 per milligram, which is 30% cheaper than the Hemp Bombs and more than 50% less than some of the super-premium brands.
  • But what really makes these guys stand out is the selection
  • They have 100’s of CBD products for sale, and dozens of gummies…most of their competitors have only a few, so this is a huge differentiator.
  • There is something for everyone here. They have traditional gummies, melon, peach, tons of flavours and lots of different package sizes and potencies.
  • It’s a really good place to start finding out what works best for you

Tasty Hemp Oil Gummies

  • Next we have Tasty Hemp Oil gummies, these are the opposite of the Diamond CBD in that they only offer one product type
  • But where they lack in selection they make up for it in quality, as these use high grade input and are at a decent price point
  • A bottle will run you $100 for 40 gummies, but these are extra strength at 25 mg per gummy
  • They are lab tested and have good results
  • They are definitely worth checking out, although we would rank them behind the first two just because they have limited options.


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